Welcome to Wenzhou Interpreter 

Your Local Professional Interpreter/Guide

I am Alan Chen, local Wenzhounese, I have an excellent knowledge of Wenzhou and have working background in international trade companies. I am a professional business assistant that dedicated to provide high level guide services for those who travel in Wenzhou for business and tourism. My service includes hotel reservations, airport pick up service, chauffeur service to visit designated sites and places, interpreter/translation service, product sourcing, factory visits which would include factory audit, negotiation of prices, quality inspection and delivery scheduling.

Specialized in Manufacturing Industries

Wenzhou is my hometown, and it is famous for its manufacturing industry for example: Valves & Pumps, Playgrounds & Toys, Shoes (men's shoes, ladies' shoes, children shoes etc),Garment, Auto Parts & Motorcycle Parts, Low-Voltage and High-Voltage Electrical Equipment, Writing Supplies, Locks, Stainless Steel Pipes, Sanitary Ware, Cigarette Lighters, Optical Glasses, Sunglasses and Lens, Synthetic Leather, Packaging Machinery, Buckles & Zippers, Printing, Shipbuilding, Promotional Gifts. I am familiar with those products and factories, therefore, if you come here for the business trip, I will be glad to be your Interpreter, Local Guide, Sourcing Assistant & Quality Inspector and I am sure I can help to make your business trip more convenient and effective in Wenzhou.

Working Areas

Services are generally based in Wenzhou including all areas like Lucheng, Ouhai, Longwan, Yueqing, Rui'an, Yongjia, Cangnan and Pingyang,but can service surrounding areas such as Qingtian, Lishui, Yiwu, Ningbo, Taizhou, etc.

About Pricing- NO HIDDEN COST

All Cost you are expected to be responsible for as shown following:

1. Service Charge is $150 for All-in-One Charge including Interpreter, Assistant and Guide sourcing factory, factory tour, business negotiation, trade shows, personal assistant and local guide

2. Transportations & work meals

3. Entrance tickets of trade shows or sightseeing( if needed )

4. If you need to travel to other city ( out of City of residence ), you are expected to be responsible for  travel expenses, accommodation fee and extra 30% service charge.

5, For General Inspection: USD 100 per day.

6, As your Buying Agent: Charges to be agreed.


If you have any questions about service, please do not hesitate to contact me! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.