Duck tongue

Duck tongue adopts dried duck tongue as raw material which is steamed together with soy sauce, sugar, Shaoxing wine and other spices. The Duck Tongue thus produced boasts fresh meat, and tastes tough yet soft as well. In Wenzhou dialect, since the Chinese character for “tongue” shares the same pronunciation of the character for “loss”, so Duck Tongue is also known as “Duck Win” (means profit-making). Wenzhou Duck Tongue is salted and semi-dried by natural wind in the air. When you chew it, you will find it resilient and quite chewy as well.

Well-known brands for Wenzhou Duck Tongue include: Chuxu, Xiuwen, Tengqiao, Shuangkang, Pilipala Crackling and many other well-known brands

Fish Pellet

Fish Pellet is one of the most famous local snacks in Wenzhou. You can find fish pellet restaurants or stalls in almost every street of the city. The pellet is made of fresh fish meat with farina and other seasonings. After boiling, the white pellets give out tantalizing aromas with the fresh soup, drawing people to enjoy their peculiar taste.

Address: No.106, Chanjie Street, Lucheng Road, Wenzhou City

Tall Man Wonton 

Wonton is another kind of dumpling which is stuffed with fresh pork. When the dumplings are boiled, they look like beautiful and transparent flowers because of their extremely thin wrappings. The locals are particular about the soup of the dumplings, in which they often add laver, egg, dried meat floss and small shrimps. 

Tall Man Wonton is named after a tall man who was renowned for selling the most delicious wonton in the 1930s. 

Address: No.531, North Jiefang Road, Wenzhou City

Yongjia Wheat Cake

Yongjia Wheat Cake is a dainty made of wheat and baked in an iron barrel. Originating from villages along Nanxi River, it is crisp with different stuffings inside. 

 Address: Gulou Street, Wenzhou City