Wenzhou is a harbor city with a charming environment comprising of beautiful mountains, meandering rivers and mesmerizing coastal sceneries. There are three national scenic areas and two national nature reserves here that are well renowned in China and definitely worth visiting. The profound culture of the city, which can be traced back to the Neolithic Age about seven thousand years ago, can be seen in the historic sites that are scattered in the above natural spots, adding more interest to the city's glamour.

Three National Scenic Areas

Yandang Mountain Mount Yan Dang is a world geo park located in Leqing County in the southeast of Wenzhou City. 'Yan' refers to 'wild gooses' and 'Dang' means 'undulating' in Chinese. On the top of the mountain, there is a lake surrounded with reeds, seemingly undulating in the tidal-like breeze. The wild gooses that fly back from the north to avoid cold winter often stay in the dense reeds thicket, giving the name of the mountain 'Yan Dang'.

Nanxi River Scenic Area This is a 150 kilometer (93 mile)-long river winding north to south across Yongjia County about 23 kilometers (14 miles) north of the Wenzhou City. The river is well known for its extremely limpid water and well preserved ancient villages along it. As you are boating in the river enjoying views of the dense forest and continuous mountains, or watching the fish play among the beautiful stones in the water, you are slowly captured by the rustic charm of the surroundings and absorbed into the serenity of the environment. The scenery is so natural and beautiful that the river is honored as the 'Cradle of Chinese Landscape Painting'.

Baizhangji Waterfall & Flying Cloud Lake Scenic Area This area is in Wencheng County, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) southwest from Wenzhou city. Baizhangji Waterfall scenic area comprises of five different sceneries. Walking along the Valley Scenery Corridor, you can see strange peaks that look like swords or halberds with sharp cliffs lined up on both sides of the valley and dense forest and grand waterfalls appearing sometimes near, and sometimes yet so far away from your eyes. The sceneries are different but they are just as beautiful in every step that you take. The Baizhang Waterfalls are the most attractive spots in this area. The waterfalls are divided into three sections from high to low according to the mountain features. In every section, the waterfalls are long and wide and form a magnificent scene along the valley. Other sites worth visiting include the ancient Hometown of Liu Ji (a famous general in the Ming Dynasty), the Zhuyang Nine Peaks with its mountains presented in various shapes, and the Tianding Lake surrounded with mountains.

Covering an area of about 55 square kilometers (about 13,541 acreages), Flying Cloud Lake is the largest lake of south Zhejiang Province. It is located in the upper reaches of the Flying Cloud River and formed by the sluice project on the Shanxi River that meets the Flying Cloud River there. The vast expanse of misty and rolling waters, the hundreds of exquisite islands, together with the surrounding luxuriantly green trees form a paradise-like environment. Near the lake, there are many forest parks, primitive jungles and stretched green mountains that make the area an ideal vacation resort.

Two National Nature Reserves

Nanji Islands Marine Nature Reserve as China's only national marine nature reserve on the East Sea, this area is also the world ecosphere reserve under the protection of the UNESCO. It is located to the southeast of Pingyang County and is about 70 nautical miles (81 miles) away from the Wenzhou city. The unpolluted environment, pure sea water, beautiful harbors, golden beaches and various shaped islands all contribute to the charm of the place, making it an ideal resort.

Wuyanling National Nature Reserve Located in the Taishun County in the southwest of the city, this mountain forest area is a completely natural environment that has hardly been polluted by the outside world. Entering the area, you will be amazed at the extremely primitive and picturesque scenery of misty green mountains, pure glittering streams, splashing waterfalls, emerald pools as well as murmuring birds and fragrant flowers. The fresh mountain air will help to refresh your mind and let you experience nature at its best.


Of course, there are many other interesting places for you to explore. Jiangxinyu Island is full of historic sites and marine scenery while Dontou Scenic Spots has the magnificent scene of seven grand bridges linking up five islands. In Taishun Radon Spring Vacation Resort, the misty mountains, the scattered European styled villas, together with the radon springs that are beneficial for your body and skin, will make you feel in a secluded paradise.

Many are the charming scenic spots that attract thousands of visitors everyday in Wenzhou. You are welcomed to come here any time you want to appreciate the legend of this beautiful land.